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Economic Commentary February 2013

I trust this finds you exceptionally well and that this year has started in an even better manner your wildest dreams could have hoped for. We’re already one month down and I trust that your memories of the golden Christmas break will endure till the next one. It is fiscal year-end this month, budget speech and tax year-end, the business of business will continue apace as we are out of the starting blocks and straining against the halters, eager to be underway. It promises to be an interesting year. Last year, at the time of Marikana disaster and the wage increases which (more…)

Economic Commentary November 2012

I trust this finds you exceptionally well as we move into calendar year-end preparations and prepare to repel the Boney M invasion which has already started. (more…)

Economic Commentary October 2011

I trust this finds you exceptionally well as we are into the final quarter, Christmas decorations have made their appearance and we are into the home stretch leading up to “the Great South African Shut-down”. I have yet to hear Boney M, but I’m sure it won’t be long now. It is time to start planning the year-end shut-down so please ensure that leave has been scheduled and cash-flow and logistics planned to ensure a smooth Christmas and pick-up next year.


Economic Commentary September 2011

I trust this finds you exceptionally well as spring has sprung. Before you know it we’ll be in the last quarter of the year and then it is a question of when the Christmas decorations come out. I was living in the UK in 2001 and on 25 September 2001, the Christmas decorations were out in full force. Fully three months before the Big Day.